Renewal of Vows

Vow renewals are a wonderful way to declare your love and honour for each other. As a romantic public display of a couples continued affection, the ceremony is designed to re-affirm your love and commitment to one

No legal requirements, just the two of you and whom you choose to celebrate this special occasion with.

Committment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies are a public affirmation of two people who love each other, providing them with a memorable moment in their relationship by having a meaningful ceremony, surrounded by family and friends. Whilst the ceremony is not a legal ‘wedding’, it is an authentic commitment by two people. There are no rules and is conveyed without gender and religious bias.

Pet Blessings

Much like St Francis of Assisi’s pet blessings, this blessing is for you and your family to ‘impart power or life’ to your loved pet and his/her new life with you. This ceremony welcomes all family members, including children to share heartfelt sentiments to benefit the animal in its relationship with its human partners.

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